The car we keep says a lot about our personality. We spend thousands on our vehicle, to find the most comfortable car, but did you know that the interior plays a great role in providing you the right amount of comfort? It’s not even just the smooth interior, but even the color of the seat covers plays a role in determining the comfort level of your car. The seat colour and more importantly, the seat cover, plays a great role in providing you the right degree of comfort in your car and it is something you should pay close attention to when selecting. There is a variety of Toyota landcruiser car seat covers and in order to decide the best one for yourself, it is important that you get yourself enlightened with the types of materials available.


Velour is the economical choice for selecting a seat cover that gives a comfort look and feel without being heavy on the wallet. The covers are light and durable, but if you’re getting these for your car, you’d need to be careful of spilling water on these as they are not water-resistant.


The jacquard is very similar to velour, only being less comfortable and more durable. Jacquard is also non-water resistant and it gives a modern look. They are not heavy on the pocket either.


If you’re disappointed by the durability of the aforementioned covers then this one’s for you. Canvas are built to last. This means they are more strong and durable than any other material for seat cover. They are ideal for rough usage even if you often transport goods in your Toyota landcruiser.


Neoprene is 98% rubber which makes it a highly durable and comfortable option for seat cover. They are not as tough and durable as the canvas, but they do provide the comfort you need in your car. They are perfect for families with children since they are water resistant and can bear wear and tear.


If you can compromise a little on the comfort, but not on the appearance then this cover is meant for you. The leather seat covers are known for their stylish look. Moreover, it is terrifically easy to clean these covers if you spilled anything on them. They are easy to clean and maintain which makes it easier to maintain the stylish look you bought these seat covers for. No matter what you spilled on these covers, all you need is a simple wipe to get them clean as new. The only downside is, you’d have to compromise a little on the comfort as they get really cold in winters and really hot in summers.


You most probably recognise this name from the jeans shop. The material is the same. It is the perfect choice for those looking for comfortable seats. The denim seat covers come with a foamy material at the back which makes them ideal for long journeys. They are quite durable, but cleaning them can be a little tough.


If you’re living in a hot place, then this is the right cover for your Toyota landcruiser. These seat covers provide a circulation for the air, which works wonders for the hot temperature. The mesh allows the air to pass through the seat covers which results in a circulation of wind in hot summers. if you get frustrated by the sweating in hot summers then this seat cover can really solve all your problems.


If you want the most comfortable experience possible then sheepskin is the cover you need. The ultimate soft cushioned texture is not all this seat cover offers, you also get the right temperature with these covers. They are cool in summers and warm in winters which makes them ideal for all weathers. However, due to the exceptional comfort, they are a little heavy on the wallet. But if you’re someone who keeps comfort at top priority then getting these seat covers won’t be a decision you regret.

Acrylic fur 

The acrylic fur is the cheaper alternative of sheepskin. This synthetic substitute does not match the comfort level of the pure sheepskin cover, but it does match its look. A common choice is to install sheepskin in the front seats while acrylic fur at the back to cut down the extra cost in covering seats that aren’t going to be used much.

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