Buying umbrella for outdoor picnics such as your family time on the beach, can be a little expensive, especially if you have to keep getting a new beach umbrella Brisbane after every few months. This is usually the case when you aren’t taking the simple considerations to make your umbrellas last longer. The purpose of these umbrellas is to give you a pleasant time on the beach, a time when you can relax and enjoy the serenity of the sea waves under the shadow of your umbrella. This isn’t supposed to cost you as much it does through the constant buying of new umbrellas. By following some simple tips, you can make your umbrellas last a long time, without worrying about its maintenance. These tips will help you keep your beach umbrellas fresh as new.  

Keep dusting off 

Over time, the dust settles on the umbrella. If you do not brush off this dust, it keeps on getting accumulated with time and ends up ruining the functioning of the umbrella. Moreover, since you’re using the umbrella at the beach, it is bound to get some dust every time you visit the beach. To avoid shortening the lifespan of the umbrella along with hours of cleaning it, you can simply dust off the wind every time you use it. This simple practice will save you a lot of money and time. You won’t need to change the umbrella every few months and you also won’t need to thoroughly clean the umbrella after all the dust has accumulate. You can use a simple brush to clean it every time you use it.  

Washing the Umbrella once in a while 

The regular dusting off isn’t enough. Once in a while, you need to sit down and clean the umbrella from top to bottom. This would need more than just a brush. Use a piece of cloth along with dishwashing soap water to clean the umbrella from top to the bottom. Avoid using any corrosive detergents or cleaners as they can shorten the life of the shade of umbrella. Look for any accumulated dust or stains and clean them using the soap water. Do not use any acidic liquid to remove the stains. Only use soap water or at the most, some warm water. This activity will keep your umbrella fresh as new.  

When you’re done cleaning the umbrella with soap water, don’t forget to rinse it with simple warm water. Make sure no soap residue remains on the umbrella. The residue of soap can be damaging for the shade of your umbrella so rinse it properly to make sure there’s none left behind. After rinsing the umbrella, do not immediately store it. Let the umbrella dry. It is better to let it dry under the sun while you relax from all the cleaning. This is the easiest yet an important part of whole cleaning process. Make sure the umbrella is completely dry before you put it in the storage unit.  

Check your umbrella regularly  

When you clean your umbrella or when you are about to use it, briefly check the umbrella, especially the canopy, for any damage or worn out area. If you see any damage or worn out area, get the umbrella repaired before using it. Using a damaged umbrella can even be dangerous for you so avoid using it despite the damage.  

When you store 

When you’re storing the umbrella, be it for short term or long term, make sure it’s away from water. This consideration is especially the case for when you’ve washed the umbrella. Make sure it’s completely dry before you store it. This is because, the presence of water will cause the growth of mould or it may result in rusting of the umbrella. Read the guidelines for storing the umbrella carefully from the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Following these tips will help you keep your umbrella safe and undamaged even if you store it for years. Depending on the type of beach umbrella you’re using, you might need to take off the canopy or fold it. Use the guidelines that are provided in the user manual.  

Surviving in Tough weather 

If you know a storm’s coming, you can’t leave your umbrella out in the open. In such a case, you can either fold it to store it in some shelter or you can attach it with some wall. This will help the umbrella withstand the harsh storm. It doesn’t matter how strong the umbrella is, it is never recommended to leave it in the open when you know the weather is going to get rough.  

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