Trees are not just important for the environment, but for beautifying our surroundings as well. If you have a vast garden or an amazing backyard, do not let it go to waste. You have the privilege to have an expanse to utilise for your own benefit, then why neglect it? Be it a sunny summer day, and you need to protect yourself from the excessive sun rays, or it is winter and you just want to soak out in peace, there would be no better companion than a tree. This is a one benefit of trees we all love a lot, they keep your property cool during summer and warm during winter. We know by now, you must have been convinced that trees are extremely important to be grown in your yard. But, there is this daunting task of actually going through the procedure of choosing which tree fits your garden and what space should be allocated to it for a proper growth. There are evergreen trees and deciduous trees, the former are full and lush throughout the year, while the latter shed their leaves once a year. Then there are shading trees, who are best for their wide network of spreading shade throughout the area in which they grow and blossom. Combining them all, we are telling you the best possible trees to grow in your yard right now! 

Though they are not exactly native Australian trees, but Jacaranda is a magnificent tree that reaches the soaring height of around 10-15m. If you have a wide expanse or an open lawn, this is the tree you would want to dedicate your space to. In the lawns and gardens, a single specimen can be planted, as it would be enough to give you enough shade and take up a good area. However, if you are looking for some roadside tree plantation, a border of trees would look immensely beautiful. You will have to be cautious with the area, as you can’t grow it near swimming pools or gutters, because when Jacaranda loses flowers, it can clog them. The tree can also tolerate light frosts, with heavy snowstorms there might be a bit of problem and in extreme cases, you might have to think about tree lopping Melbourne 

Next in the list is Yellow Box, which is otherwise also known by its complicated name Eucalyptus Melliodora. This tree is commonly present in the eastern plains and tablelands of Australia. It is suitable for Mediterranean or bush landscapes due to its evergreen nature of shading a good area around. You know what’s an added bonus that accompanies it? We know it is good for shading, hence its inclusion in the list, but Eucalyptus Melliodora is a suitable native tree for honey production too. Just imagine, a tree growing in your garden, giving you fresh honey as well. We are excited just by thinking of the prospect. Another among the list of evergreen trees in Blackwood. The flowering tree has a dense foliage that has a capability to give refuge to small birds. The best aspect of Blackwood is that it can easily grow along eroding creeks and can provide soil conservation for unstable slopes. Blackwood can grow as high as whooping 30 metres with a 15-metre spread for a span of 15-50 years. How wonderful is that?! 

Coast Banksia, commonly grown as an ornamental tree, also has the capability of shading and screening a fair area of property. What makes this tree different than the other in the list is its cylindrical shape, pale yellow flowers and upright posture. It gives a 10-metre spread and can grow up to 20 metres tall. Coast Banksia can easily withstand the harsh atmosphere and environments, hence it is preferable to windy and salty areas alongside the coastline.  

We will close off this list with Golden Robinia, which can tolerate droughts and poor soil. It turns golden in autumn and gives away white fragrant flowers in spring. However, if you cause any damage through tree lopping Werribee it might not be able to resist it. It is pleasant in appearance and for the garden, but you need to strictly water it to keep it healthy. So, no matter which type of tree you choose for your garden, take necessary steps and precautionary measures to keep them healthy and standing there for a long time.  

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