Healthy body is a door to healthy mind. You can’t expect to stay fit and active, if your body does not have the energy enough. If you see kids playing out and active, you can easily guess this is the best time for them. Whether it is a sports competition or children grouping together to play, the sports activities are a fun time for children. But, if you consider the education our children are getting these days, most of it is entirely based on academics. While it is a necessity that our kids be aware of the curriculum and what it entails, an emphasis on sports should be a must. The physical activity in children must be encouraged and made part of a routine. It has a lot of physical, mental, social and psychological benefits. So, let’s venture together to see, why should mandatory steps be taken to encourage physical educations and sports. 

Holistic Education: 

Holistic education or schooling has sports or physical trainings as an important part. If you want to develop the learning process of the children, there is no way better than inculcating physical education alongside the academic one. It creates a good balance between the mind nourishment to compete with the modern-day affairs (academic education) and the boost of energy required to stay healthy and active (physical development). Thus, when both are balanced out, an all-round development of children occurs. Although holistic education has proved to be quite a task to achieve in schools around the world, but it is the need of the time. In a world where education system is churning out students in the form of robots, it is an absolute necessity that the sports culture be maintained to improve competition and extra-curricular talent as well. We would suggest you go buy that Australia cricket t shirt online, which your child wanted for a long period of time, and give him the chance to play sports and make his name there too. There would be no better package for your child than combining the discipline attained through healthy, on-ground activities with the manners learned from the school. 

Better Skill Development: 

Just as work and play go alongside, education and sports must too. Loads of scientific researches have proved that the relationship between body and mind is strong; hence both work in equilibrium with each other. This means that once physical activity is ignored, your body will suffer, leading your mind to be affected as well. If you think of your child as someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, you must know that his brain development has or will be affected a lot too. A healthy lifestyle can lead to a better development of cognitive skills and attitude. It further implies that the academic behaviour of your child is more likely to get affected in a positive way. If your child is letting it out better on the sports ground, his concentration and attention span on the matters of education will increase too. What could be better than having an enhanced academic performance alongside a good time out too? Your child will be playing multiple shots at once – improving the overall health, skill capacity, creative thinking and academic performance too. What more do you want? Furthermore, when children go out to play, they letter to be more inclusive and engaging. It helps them understand what team building and playing alongside the team feels like. Hence, they create a sense of warmth and belonging that helps them understand what winning, losing or winning together and losing together feels like. Believe us when we say, this early life development goes a long way toward the future progress of the children.  

Wards Off Diseases: 

We, generally, attach health problems and diseases with old-age and grown-ups. However, with the competition created in the educational world, such problems have started to rise up in an extremely early age among the children. While children fantasise about becoming their favourite athletes when they grow up, the lifestyle they maintain says otherwise. When they aren’t binge-eating with a book in hand, they should be out playing sport and taking part in healthy activities so the chances of heart diseases and hypertension are reduced. Remember that only those children who are active in their early age grow out to be strong and emotionally stable in the future. The key is in, we all know, our hands!  

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