My son loves his kindergarten because of the interesting array of activities and live animals (fish, yabbies, hermit crabs, birds, chickens, worms) there. The other day, when I was helping at my son’s kindergarten, I watched him study a worm closely by letting it crawl all over his hand. My son comes home almost every day with something new he learnt that day at kindergarten (e.g. the environment, recycling, growing vegetables and plants, animals, helping the less fortunate, etc.) The other day, he brought home a bunch of celery from the vegetable garden and tells me that the chicken eggs are going to hatch anytime because the hens have been sitting on them.

The playground at this kindergarten doesn’t have a slide. Instead, it has a vegetable garden and plants that the children tend to, a compost bin for the children to throw their food scraps, a couple of swings, an old dinghy made into a playset, outdoor tables and benches for lunch and an interchangeable obstacle course for climbing and balancing. While I was there, some of the children were painting the miniature houses and buildings they had built with wooden blocks and pieces. Watching them paint their miniature roofs reminded me of how old and tired the roof of my house looks. My neighbour with her newly built contemporary looking house told me that I should put a new roof on my house to increase its value. However, not all of us can afford a brand new roof. The alternative is roof painters Brisbane.

Why use professional roof painters?

  1. Professional roof painters specialize in solving roofing problems, so can accurately help you determine if your roof needs repairing prior to repainting.
  2. Professional roof painters can determine if your roof really needs re-painting or just a good clean.
  3. Professional roof painters can inspect your roof for free (a value of $180) and tell you what exactly is needed to make it look new and fresh again.
  4. Professional roof painters will know the right high quality paint to use that will give your roof a high quality finish that will last for years. No colorbond roof colour is too difficult to match because professional roof painters have a huge range of standard colours and what they don’t have, Dulux will have in their range of standard colours.
  5. Professional roof painters have the training and skills to coat any type of roof (i.e. colorbond, tile, concrete, terracotta, fiber tile, metal or asbestos).
  6. Sometimes just painting a roof may not be enough because the harsh Australian sun together with moisture, dirt and pollution can discolour a roof or cause lichen and mould to grow on it, making it look unsightly. If so, professional roof painters can apply a special roof membrane to protect the roof. This special roof coating has the ability to expand and contract without breaking or de-laminating. If a coating does not match the movement of the roof tiles, it can crack or separate from the roof tiles, resulting in moisture entering the roof tiles under the coating, which defeats the whole purpose of using a coating. A coating is much thicker and has more elasticity than paint; thus making it stronger and more flexible than paint. As well as being heat reflective, this special coating, which comes in a range of colours, can help restore tired looking concrete tiles to its original appearance. The purpose of heat reflective coatings is to reflect the sun’s infrared rays so as to reduce the amount of heat penetration; thus, reducing cooling costs.
  7. A professional roof painter will cover their workmanship for 10 years.

Will painting my roof cost an arm and a leg?

  1. Getting an old roof painted is a lot cheaper than replacing it with a brand new roof.
  2. Some professional roof painters will offer interest free payments.
  3. Some professional roof painters are willing to beat any written quote by 10% just to get your business.

If none of the above have convinced you to give the roof painting job to a professional roof painter, then think about the weekends you could have lounging by the pool, gardening in the backyard, playing a round of golf or indulging in some retail therapy, instead of slogging on the roof trying to do the painting job yourself.

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