With the list of endangered animals growing steadily, stand at risk of losing out the biodiversity that makes our planet so special. Many of the animals previously on the endangered species list have now either gone extinct or will, in a few more years. Many of the animals on the endangered species list are housed in conservation parks around the world. A few of the most world-renowned parks are in South Africa, a region already known for its great biodiversity. These parks are Kruger National park, Chobe National Park and several other wildlife preserves in Kenya. All these parks are vital to the survival of many endangered species, such as the black rhino, African wild dogs, and the African vultures to name a few. Furthermore, these parks allow us to look at these beautiful animals in their natural habitats which is made much more memorable by the fact that many of these animals may go extinct. A safari experience in these South African parks is thus an ideal way to spend your vacation, as we can enjoy not only the stunning scenery that the region has to offer, but also gives us a chance to watch and learn more about these animals which have a chance of going extinct.  

A safari vacation is truly a one of a kind learning experience. We get firsthand knowledge about a great number of animals as we get to observe them hunt, play, and rest in their natural habitats rather than in a human-made zoo environment. An African safari allows us to get away from our hectic daily lives and delve into an experience entirely new. Nowhere else can we find the opportunity to look so closely at the animals previously only seen on television screens. A safari is thus a great opportunity to unravel and step away from the hassle of daily life to get more in touch with nature. We can trek on foot through the walking trails, go to birding havens, or explore the great African Savannah on safari vehicles – the choices are endless!  

Additionally, safari tours from Australia, contrary to popular belief, are cheaper than we may imagine. Safari tours are usually pre planned by destination management companies, with all accommodation and other expenses included in advance, thus reducing any chances of overspending. In addition to this, trip planners often offer holiday discounts and have flexible policies, thus making your safari trip incredibly easy on the budget. Therefore, your safari trip is worth every penny spent. You need not be worried about safety on your trip, as the tour guides work to ensure that your safari trip is as leisurely as a picnic. Apart from letting you witness the majestic beasts of Africa, your Zanzibar tours from Australia allow you to glimpse the beautiful scenery of Africa. You can visit the magnificent Victoria Falls, and get a helicopter flight over the falls and enjoy a cultural evening. In addition to this, you can visit the beaches of Zanzibar, the game reserves of Kenya and watch mountain gorillas in Uganda. 

Thus, when trying to decide where to go in the summers, know that the best thing you can have is a safari tour from Australia. Over the course of this tour, you can make all sorts of new friends and have the most memorable trip imaginable! Furthermore, the funds from the tickets for  all the conservation parks you choose to visit go directly to helping further conservation efforts, so not only will your trip be  budget friendly and mesmerising, but also nature-friendly! A company you may choose for your trip is 20twenty+, a destination management company which specialises in designing customised safari trips and is based in Australia. The company offers a wide array of safari tours, covering a great range of activities thus being very well rounded.  

Therefore, you can pick 20twenty+ to have a safari tour that allows you to learn about the African culture and the endangered animals housed in its many wildlife conserve, such as Kruger National park and Chobe National Park, amongst many others. For more details to may visit their website, and contact them on their given communication lines.  

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