Being a part of the digital world, most of the processes have been taken over by the virtual platform. Popularity in today’s times is decided hugely by the online presence. This may be on social media, blogs, and the likes. When you post something on the web, you would want high traffic on the same such that you are heard and you can spread a message through the digital platform. If you want to get the ball rolling and come up with a viral article that can produce a million views, here are certain aspects to focus on.

  • Content is king

There is no second thought about this. When you are narrating a good story, it will always sell. Make sure you have a solid base in this regard. You need to explain to the reader what or why something happened or you need to surprise him or her with your theory. You can also check out marketing quotes and get your articles shared through social media.

  • Emotions rule, even on the internet

Studies suggest that articles that can stir up the emotions of the readers are more likely to do well. These may be positive or negative emotions, although the former goes more viral.

  • Keep it brief

Online readers tend to have a very short attention span. As a result of this, you would be expected to create content that is short and to the point. The sweet spot for online posts would range between two to three sentences.

  • Headlines are crucial

Headlines are what the readers will first come across when they see an article. This might play the decider of the article’s fate. It can make or break the post. So, ensure that the headline is catchy, gives a brief idea of the article’s purpose and is interesting.

  • Visuals help your article go viral

Studies show that a post having a visual like a photograph is likely to get double the number of views as compared to an article with solely written content. So, help your readers stay interested in the post by adding some visual graphics.

  • Promote your post

Gone are the times when you could rely entirely on good content. Yes, content is important, but it must also reach the right audiences. So, make the best use of the social media platform to promote your article so that more and more people are aware of it. Sharing it across different platforms will help your post go viral.

  • Pay attention to previous records

If you are a regular blogger, you must be having a number of posts and articles. Some of them are hits, some are not. So, focus on the flops and try to get the stats correct with to the key takeaways from the articles. This will give you a good insight to start on your next one.

There are a number of popular articles on the web, but to make your article stand out in the crowd is the key. Stick to the basics and follow these guidelines to ensure that your next post is a viral one with a million views.

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