France is a country that is signature to beauty, glamour and lavish lifestyle, not to forget love also. For people who have never been to the country, visiting it and living there is almost like a dream come true. Friends and fellows, we believe it, there is no denying! Obviously, we are awe-struck with the love of France. Have you ever been to France? Then you must know about all the top things that make France, well France! On the other hand, if you haven’t been there and plan to go someday, devour this article because the gorgeousness of the country is definitely going to be unveiled below. It will definitely be enough to tantalise you to pack your bag and go there, right now!  

While the first among this list might come as a shocker to you, but one of the attractions of France is its education. The literacy rate of the country is 99%, with everyone having an equal right to education, no matter their social status. Some of the best educational institutions and faculties including University of Montpelier, Science Pro, and Paris West University are part of the country. Moreover, some of the best and famous personalities of the world belong to this land of awesomeness. You would know all of them, we don’t doubt it for a second. Starting from Napoleon Bonaparte to Emma Watson, Coco Chanel, Tony Parker and a lot more, this land is humanly blessed. French take their religion very seriously, hence the Roman Catholicism is celebrated around the country with fervour. Every year, during festival seasons like Christmas and Easter, the celebrations and festivities are so vivid that you want to be there to enjoy them.  

If you are opting for one of those tour de France trips 2018 packages, then you must know that French wine is world famous and your drinking goals are going to be fulfilled. Red wine is something that tourists can never miss on, and is one of the greatest wines ever produced in any part of the world. Moving ahead, you can’t disagree with this. France is the place for the most brilliant and remarkable monuments, nothing comparable to the world. Paris, which is also the city of love, houses the wondrous buildings including the world-known Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre etc. These monuments lead us to another thing that France is famous for, and that is country’s history. Every country has a history, but France is legendary when it comes to that. The French Revolution has been engraved in the studies around the world, which was responsible for ending the status quo. These historic places are going to give you a glimpse of what really happened back then. Believe me, that’s amazing!  

All the ladies and gentleman out there who know about France must know about the fashion trends that this country controls. It has the best collection of clothes, stylists, and designers from across the globe. Every fashion starts and stems from France with Paris being a hub of it. People travel from corners of the world to attend Parisian fashion shows. With fashion comes the food and culture also. French food has the best presentation with the rich curry and spices that are copied almost in every cuisine. French cheese in itself is very renowned as it is considered to be really pure and mellow. Similarly, once you visit the country, you will understand how its culture is embedded in every nook and cranny. It is the best reminder of independence and welcoming all sorts of identities with open arms.  

All in all, from infrastructure to the amazing weather yearlong, France is the embodiment of a country that is not only modish but has every essence of fun and enjoyment in it. If you are a tourist, you won’t have any hassle in commuting from one area to another, even one city to another, as the transport system is extremely efficient. This is why, the road system and even the transportation of the country has been ranked as one of the bests in the world. With this, we are going to leave you pondering over when you are going to have your next trip to France. If it were up to us, we will definitely be calling our tour agent, packing bags and hopping on to the next available flight. Alas, the wishes!  

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